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My First Hermit Crab Starter Kit 11pk

My First Hermit Crab Starter Kit 11pk


The perfect kit for new Hermit Crab owners!

GST Inc.

Kit includes

• 1 x Prime Water Conditioner 60ml

• 1 x Marine Salt Bag 204g

• 1 x 20g Worm Castings Supplement

• 6 x Assorted Foods 10g each

• 1 x Cuttlefish Bone Calcium Supplement

• 1 x 6 Well Food Bowl

• 1 x Rock Tunnel Hideout

• 1 x Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

• 1 x Small Sub Plant

• 1 x Flying Saucer Wheel *Assorted colour

• 1 x FREE Exclusive Hermit Crab Care Guide

Everything you need to get started with your Hermit Crab setup. Bulked together, you save $16.50!!

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