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Adopt Or Surrender
A Hermit Crab in VIC, ACT OR TAS

If you can adopt, you should. Are you looking to invite a Hermit Crab to be a part of your life? By adopting, you are saving a Hermit Crab that needs a home, without supporting the horrendous Hermit Crab pet store trade that captures crabs from the wild and ships them to pet stores. We take on surrendered Hermit Crabs from owners who can no longer take care of them. We give them a loving home, nurse their health and rehome them to approved owners looking to adopt.

We take on rescues from Victoria, Canberra and Tasmania, Australia only.


Adopt A Hermit Crab

Are you looking to give a Hermit Crab a second chance? Please adopt a crab needing a home.

We only send out our rescues to approved homes, with correct setups. To adopt, you must be located in Victoria, Canberra or Tasmania.

To apply for adoption, please fill out our form here. All of our rescues come with a care pack to help them settle into their new home.

Surrender A Hermit Crab

We understand that sometimes things happen, perhaps Hermit Crabs are not for you, maybe there are financial factors or time restraints involved.  We are a NO JUDGEMENT rescue. This means we will not judge or shame you for surrendering your crabs, nor will we judge the setup they have come from. We are here to take them off of your hands and love them until they are ready to go to their new home.

Looking to surrender your Hermit Crab?

Please fill out our form here.


Each rescue Hermit Crab is placed into their very own tank for isolation and monitoring purposes, our tanks are filled with substrate, deep pools, a hideout, plants, Happy Hermie foods and supplements. We hold onto each rescue for 4 weeks to nurse them back to condition before placing them up for adoption. We also happily accept donated items such as shells, decor etc. to help our current rescues in their rehabilitation.

You can also adopt from the wonderful Hermit Crab rescue Hermie Haven
located in Northern Melbourne, Victoria. If by chance, we are at full capacity, you can reach out to Beth if you need to surrender a Hermit Crab.

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