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Happy Hermie Adoption Terms & Conditions

1. Liability

  • The Happy Hermie Rescue will not be held liable if your new adoptee should pass away while in your care. We give them a loving home and monitor them for 4 weeks before they are sent to you. However, depending on what conditions they have come from, we cannot guarantee that they are not already too far gone in their health.

2. Adoption

  • By adopting one of our rescues, you are agreeing to feed them a high-quality balanced diet from one of the following Australian suppliers - The Happy Hermie, Cathy's Creations, or Coenobita Collective.

  • If you should find yourself in a position where you can no longer keep your hermit crabs, please return them to our rescue or the rescue Hermie Haven for them to be rehomed.

3. Payment

  • Payment for our adoptees is cash or bank transfer only and must be paid upon arrival of picking up your new hermit crabs. All funds go straight back into the rescue.

4. Home Approval

  • Just because you have applied for one of our rescues, does not mean that you will be approved. We check out every single application and if we have more questions, we will be in contact with you. Please check your emails or junk mail as our point of contact will be via email.

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